Dear Clients:


I had a Photo Aspired Moment when I was nine years old: I saw the Time Magazine in familiar display on our cedar chest, which doubles as my mother's coffee table even now. It was the photograph of the 1981 assassination attempt of the Pope, in St. Peter's Square.


I vividly remember my consideration of the photographer and how skilled he or she must have been; how prepared; how steadied the nerves. I remember reflecting on how the photographer had the privilege of being able to talk about that shot for the rest of their life. In that Moment, I encountered my own great desire of having a handful of those shots under my belt, so I could create a legacy. 


I became addicted to photojournalism, even at the age of nine. I had already been playing with my father's eclectic camera collection for nearly two years, and I've been playing ever since. In fact, all of my vintage cameras, some of which are Dad's, are aptly posturing in my office. Photography is in my blood. It's been said that once photography enters the bloodstream, it's like an irrepressible disease. Happily, that disease is now my passion, and my life's work.


My work, like all art, will speak to its respective viewers exactly as it's supposed to, at that time. Revisit at different Stages of you - it will probably say 

something different than what it does today. Farsightedly, I'd like my photography to require the least amount of narration as possible so when your shoot is viewed chronologically, the photographs alone tell your story. 


I also moonlight as a copy editor/freelance essayist. I reside in Milwaukee, WI, where I am a Wife, a Mom to five Grand Gentlemen (and a growing collection of their wonderful significant others), and the host to a revolving menagerie of family pets. Finally, I am admittedly a hospitality junkie, with the notion that tea helps fix Most Things. 


Thank you truly, for taking time to get to know me a bit. I've said it hundreds of times before and I'll say it again: I have the best clients in the world! As with each and every one of you, I genuinely look forward to reacquainting myself with you in order to build our relationship, and document all the different Stages of your story.




- TJ Lambert